This will be a work in progress so please excuse an inconsistencies that arise along the way.  I’m not a professional writer, and this is really my first attempt at blogging.  But I have a LOT of stuff floating around in my head which has come to me by all my life experiences (I was born in 1971), and this “stuff” I believe can prove to be a benefit to humanity if I can simply get it out someplace for the world to see.  Like many of you reading this, I suffer too much from knowing the what and the why and the how to create a happy, satisfying, and deeply enjoyable life…but like the motivation, or will power, or drive, or whatever you might call it to actually put this knowledge into practice and bring about meaningful change.

Am I simply lazy, or do I just not care enough?  Am I merely accustomed to the everyday mundaneness of my existence or do I believe this is as good as it gets?  Through the course of this guide, I will search to find reason and meaning to the blocks that keep me from achieving what I believe are greater heights (more money in the bank, more freedom from my W-2 job, more opportunity to travel to new places, more time and energy to dedicate to volunteering, etc).  Whether these blocks be mental, physical, spiritual, or some combination I will attempt to identify them, acknowledge them for what they are, examine how to overcome them, and then reveal my successes and failures along the way for all to see. 

I don’t know if I’ll be successful on this journey, but I’m determined to at least start.  The chapters will be relatively short but hopefully long enough to provide good information.  And I really hope if you are reading this that you’d consider dropping me a line and letting me know your thoughts. 

Along the way you will recognize, very quickly I imagine, that I am not an elite athlete, I don’t come from “successful” stock, I don’t have some early life crisis that forced me to persevere at a young age.  I’m about as average and as ordinary as any human you’ve ever met.  But I hope to change that.  I hope in the coming chapters you’ll witness a transformation in me of some magnitude.  As I envision my own life developing into something more alive and awake, so to do I hope you’ll find passion, a mission, a goal to duplicate my successes and bypass my failures and to achieve whatever it is that has being knowing at your insides…probably for years.